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Medicare Part D
Formulary Tiers

The Brand-Name and Generic drugs included in the SilverScript formulary are categorized into cost-sharing Tiers that are numbered from 1 to 4. SilverScript Medicare Part D formulary tiers indicate the level of cost sharing for a covered drug. SilverScript plans use a system with four Medicare formulary tiers. The higher the tier, the higher the member’s out-of-pocket cost for the covered drug.

Cost Sharing Tier 1: Generic Drugs

Tier 1 is your lowest-cost Tier. Most generic drugs on the formulary are included in this Tier. Generic drugs contain the same active ingredients as brand drugs and are equally safe and effective. We have also included some preferred brands in this Tier.

Cost Sharing Tier 2: Preferred Brand Drugs

This is your middle-cost Tier, and includes preferred-brand drugs and some non-preferred generic drugs.

Cost Sharing Tier 3: Non-Preferred Brand Drugs

This is your higher-cost Tier and includes non-preferred brand drugs and some non-preferred generic drugs.

Cost Sharing Tier 4: Specialty Tier Drugs

The Specialty Tier is your highest-cost Tier among the Medicare formulary tiers. A Specialty Tier drug is a very high cost or unique prescription drug which may require special handling and/or close monitoring. Specialty drugs may be brand or generic.

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