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Network Pharmacy Information

SilverScript Medicare Part D
Pharmacy Network

A network pharmacy is a pharmacy that is covered by your plan and where you can have your prescriptions filled. SilverScript has nearly 68,0001 pharmacies in its network nationwide.

Preferred and Non-Preferred Pharmacies

The SilverScript Medicare Part D pharmacy network consists of both preferred pharmacies and non-preferred pharmacies2. At a preferred pharmacy, your cost for certain generic drugs will be lower.

If you are a SilverScript Choice or Plus plan member, your cost sharing may be less when you fill prescriptions at a preferred pharmacy. Cost sharing for all other preferred and non-preferred drug Tiers are the same whether you fill your prescriptions at a preferred or non-preferred pharmacy.

CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy

If you like the convenience of having your prescription drugs delivered, you may enroll in CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy at no extra cost. CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy is a preferred pharmacy2, so you will receive the same pharmacy discounts you get at preferred retail pharmacies.

Find a pharmacy using our Pharmacy Locator

  • You must use a network pharmacy to receive prescription drug coverage on covered drugs.
  • If you fill a prescription at a pharmacy that is not part of the network, you may have to pay more.
  • There are certain circumstances for which you can obtain benefit coverage for a covered drug not filled at a network pharmacy. See the out-of-network section for more information.

Locate a Pharmacy

Participating Pharmacies

  • At times, pharmacies listed in a paper directory may no longer participate in the SilverScript Medicare Part D pharmacy network.
  • For updated information, please use the Pharmacy Locator by clicking on the red Pharmacy Locator button.
  • The online pharmacy directory is updated weekly.

Supply of Prescription Drugs

  • You may use your plan benefit to purchase up to a 90-day supply of a covered prescription drug (at one time) at most retail pharmacies in our network.
    1. However, some pharmacies may fill up to an 83-day supply only.
    2. Network pharmacies that provide 90-day fills are indicated in our pharmacy directory with the letters "ES". Note: Long-term care pharmacies can fill up to a 34-day supply only.

Extra Help

  • If you receive Extra Help from Medicare to help pay for your prescriptions, you may not see a change in the amount of your cost-sharing at a participating network pharmacy.
    1. The assistance you receive has already reduced your cost sharing amount.
    2. The pharmacy will receive the correct amount of member cost sharing to apply.

1Internal SilverScript Insurance Company report, dated June 2013
2The Preferred/Non-Preferred pharmacy network does not apply to the SilverScript Basic plan.

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