SilverScript has Two Extensive Nationwide Pharmacy Networks

To view a list of network pharmacies in your area please select a plan below.



Pharmacy Network

More than 67,0001 pharmacies welcome your SilverScript Choice plan coverage. Each pharmacy will fill your prescriptions for the same low copay for the same drug at any of the familiar names listed below and thousands more.



Pharmacy Network

SilverScript Plus (PDP) members may use their benefit at more than 69,0001 pharmacies, including the familiar names shown here and many more. More than 40,0001 pharmacies in the SilverScript Plus network are preferred pharmacies, meaning members enjoy the lowest copays and coinsurance at these pharmacies.

A SilverScript pharmacy is never far from where you are.

SilverScript's nationwide networks feature a wide variety of household names you see here, many other leading regional pharmacy & grocery names, plus thousands1 of community-based independent pharmacies.


1 Internal SilverScript Insurance Company report dated June, 2015.
2 SilverScript Plus (PDP) is not available in Alaska.