What is the deductible for Medicare Part D?

The Medicare Part D deductible is a dollar amount determined by Medicare that standard Medicare Part D prescription drug plans may charge its members. For 2018, the standard deductible is $405. For 2019, the standard deductible is $415. This is the maximum amount you may pay for your medications before your plan begins to share the cost.

Part D deductibles may vary between Medicare prescription drug plans and may apply to all tiers and coverage stages or to specific tiers and coverage stages. Medicare drug plans may offer a deductible that is lower than the standard deductible, but may not be higher. Some Medicare Part D drug plans don't require you to pay a deductible at all, such as the $0See footnote for details1 deductible plans offered by SilverScript (PDP), where cost sharing begins with your very first prescription.

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1In 2018, the Alaska Choice Plan has a $405 deductible, and the Arizona and Hawaii Choice Plans have a $100 deductible on Tier 3-5 drugs. The Plus Plan is not available in Alaska in 2018. In 2019, SilverScript Choice has a $100 deductible on Tier 3-5 drugs in GA, TX and CO; a $415 deductible on Tier 3-5 drugs in AZ and SC; and a $415 deductible on all drug tiers in AK. The Plus and Allure Plans are not available in Alaska in 2019.