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We’re happy to have the opportunity to support your prescription drug coverage needs. This section of the site contains resources and tools you can use to simplify your coverage and get the most value from your plan.

How to Use is your go-to location to get support and learn more about your plan features and benefits. You can use this site to:

  • Make a one-time premium payment
  • Find an in-network pharmacy
  • Print a temporary ID card
  • Access and print plan documents and forms

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How to Use

SilverScript has selected as our secure member website. With your account, you can access tools that make managing your prescription easier. Through you can:

  • Find accurate pricing for covered drugs
  • Research options that might save you money
  • Sign up for delivery of your medications by mail
  • Go Paperless! Access your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) online

Common Questions

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